• Arctic Fox & Co.

    Ethical, sustainable, and beautiful - a few reasons why Arctic Fox & Co. is one of our most favorited brands. They are dedicated to quality products that are manufactured ethically and sustainably. They strive to contribute to the well-being of people, the planet, and a brighter future. A beautiful blend of Japanese and Scandinavian ethos, principles, and design.

  • Hydra Bloom Beauty

    Before starting this all natural, plant based body, skincare, and clean fragrance brand, Lucy was an international make up artist who always sought out the best ingredients and products for her clients. Now, she channels the California lifestyle delivering peace of mind for your skin and body care that's authentic, clean, and sustainable. Hydra Bloom Beauty harnesses the highest quality botanical ingredients housed in eco-chic glass packaging using essential oils, botanicals, and recycled paperboard.

  • Egg Back Home

    Tami Pizzetti, founder and creator of Egg Back Home, and her team, create the most unique and inspiring products that we've ever seen. The colors, quality, and simplicity of these pieces will transport you to another culture. There is a sense of calmness and elegance about each piece that brings so much serenity to each home. The name Egg Back Home comes from the founder's journey of finding herself. "Egg", meaning life and birth, and "Back Home" symbolizing that journey. We are more than honored to be able to collaborate and promote these pieces.


    ALOHAS is one of our most impressionable brands. They are a sustainable fashion-forward brand that uses on-demand production to change the way people comsume fashion. All ALOHAS shoes have been produced in the coastal region of Alicante, Spain since inception. Being an on-demand production brand, every shoe is made to order to ensure sustainable results. We are honored to work with this brand so we can help change the fashion industry one ethical brand at a time!


    One of our most loved brands, POEMS is characterized by its basic and timeless pieces made ethically with quality, natural fabrics. Handmade in Spain, this brand brings uniqueness to any style. We left them a review not long ago explaining how happy we were with the quality and they replied back with "We are truly happy that you like our clothing, it gives us strength to carry on". It's refreshing to work with such genuine, unique people!


    MEYME was created in a small seaside town in Spain, breathing in the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by nature. Inspired by comfy style and slow motion movements, they are fully committed to the maintenance of our beautiful planet. This is shown through their selection of the best options to reduce pollution, keeping their manufacturing processes in Europe, and giving the best treatment to their delicate raw materials. MEYME is a one-of-a-kind brand with a timeless and elegant feel. We absolutely love each piece and know that you will too!

  • Amaya Mediterranean Lifestyle

    Inspired by the essence of the
    Mediterranean, all their garments are designed and produced sustainably in Spain. Rewarding love, passion, authenticity, and closeness, Amaya Mediterranean is truly a lifestyle that reflects these traits. Care in details
    and innovation are key and are the main focus. Not only are their products of the best quality, they are unique and comfortable!

  • Bali Lane

    DEVOTEDNESS. Bali Lane is all about their commitment. Whether that be to their clients, suppliers, or the planet, Bali Lane never waivers in their values. Their story began with the love for the coastal life, its people, and our planet. Their admiration for everything handmade inspires them to create affordable and sustainable fashion pieces. Their luxe coastal romance style can be worn to lounge, vacation, or to party. One of the many reasons we fell in love with them!

  • MagicLinen

    MagicLinen was one of our very first brands that we collaborated with. From the beginning, it was refreshing discovering a brand such as this one. To MagicLinen, linen is not just a fabric used to create timeless pieces. It creates a sense of feeling that brings you back to childhood memories of special occasions at Grandma's house. Their design ethos are meticulous about details and colors. Each product is carefully designed and handcrafed in Vilnius, Lithuania. They believe the little details matter the most in life and we couldn't agree more! We are honored to have them apart of the Alfadena family.


In-Store Coffee

Did you know ALFADENA offers to-go coffee? Roasted fresh and locally from The Dalai Java located on Main Street in Canandaigua! Stop in today for a fresh cup of Joe while you shop!

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