European Fashion

Features of European Fashion

European fashion style is typically more sophisticated and well thought out. People like to dress nicely and often wear custom-tailored or well-fitted clothing no matter where they’re going. They also follow certain dress codes, social expectations, and etiquette in public places to avoid standing out too much from the crowd. Europeans are more drawn to high-end designer labels and they take great care of their clothing.

Features of American Fashion

American fashion tends to be more laid back. In recent years, it’s become more socially and culturally acceptable for people to don activewear in public. This includes sweat pants, yoga pants, hoodies, running shoes, sandals, sweat shirts, etc. This would never be acceptable in most European countries unless you’re out for a run, headed to the gym to work out, or just finished a workout.

For the most part, American fashion is also a lot simpler and less flashy. American men don’t usually wear a lot of accessories or jewelry.



Of course, these are all generalizations and popular perceptions of both American and European fashion styles. It’s important to note that both continents have their fair share of well-known fashion hubs. In America, New York and Los Angeles reign supreme in the fashion industry. Europe, on the other hand, boasts having three of the Big Four fashion capitals of the world—Paris, London, and Milan (the fourth one is New York).

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